Tester Blowing Alcohol Tester Car Digital Display


Functional Description:

1. The third-order blood alcohol content (BAC) test is steady green: – alcohol concentration is lower than 0.02% BAC (or 0.1mg/l BRAC); yellow light is on: warning – alcohol concentration is at 0.02% BAC (or 0.1mg/l BRAC) to 0.05% BAC (or 0.25mg/l BRAC); red and yellow lights are on simultaneously: hazard – alcohol concentration higher than 0.05% BAC (or 0.25mg/l BRAC).

2. rapid response And recovery.

3. Flashlight illumination (orange super bright LED light)

4. Key chain.

5. Sequential and countdown.

6. Use 2 “AAA” alkaline batteries.

7. Size: as shown



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